About TechQuest 2012

Hosted by Aramco Overseas Company B.V. on behalf of Saudi Aramco’s Research & Development Center, the 2012 Technology Quest is the opportunity for Saudi Aramco to develop new research partnerships addressing strategic long-term challenges. This Technology Quest will be organized on behalf of Saudi Aramco’s Research & Development Center (R&DC), and will focus on downstream technologies in the areas of fuel and chemicals.

The two-day symposium provides delegates with the opportunity to:

  • Learn about Saudi Aramco’s vision for research and innovation in fuel technologies and chemicals
  • Hear presentations on research challenges
  • Discuss projects and collaboration ideas with Saudi Aramco
  • Share knowledge and network with peers

The 2012 Technology Quest focuses on two key research domains:

  • Fuel Technologies
  • Chemicals

Each person invited to the Symposium is bringing collaboration ideas — for technology development — that address challenges in these areas.