An invitation to the 2012 Technology Quest provides you with insight into Saudi Aramco’s vision for the future of downstream technologies, and also access to our Research & Development Center (R&DC) team to discuss potential ongoing partnerships.

At Saudi Aramco, we have a long history of working successfully with partners and welcome the opportunity to share your ideas for our Technology Quest challenges. Being one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, we are looking to partner with companies who can offer viable and innovative solutions to challenges we face in the downstream domain. Potential partners that may find themselves able to respond to these technological challenges may fall, but are not limited to, entities in the following categories: petrochemical companies, car engine & fuel designers, universities, research institutes, SMEs, etc.

Saudi Aramco’s R&DC is an industry leader in research and development of surface upstream and downstream technologies. Much of our research happens in partnership with premier universities and technology providers, as well as independent researchers and developers around the world.

Collaborating with Saudi Aramco offers the ability to work with scientists who have pioneered technologies, namely those related to:

  • Developing fuels to support sustainable mobility, by improving the efficiency of the internal combustion engine, minimizing carbon emissions and reducing the cost of fuel/engine systems required to meet future legislative and societal demands
  • The utilization of lower value feedstocks — from High-Severity Fluid Catalytic Cracking Technology (HS-FCC) — for the creation of new competitive routes for the production of olefins, light aromatics and other derivatives