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  • PLAN
    If you know where you want to go, let us help guide you on your way
  • MAKE
    This castle won't build itself...
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Dysfunction Media Limited is an independent cross-media design and production company, specialising in creative design projects for online and print, interactive media, video, film and animation.

Here are some of the reasons our clients keep calling us...

  1. We’re experienced

    We’ve spent more than 25 years bringing communication to life

    • Cross-media design
    • Project management
    • Strategic counsel
    • Technical advice
    • All brought with a creative flourish
  2. We’re deep thinkers

    Invite us in to the earliest stages of your projects, and we can form a plan based on a thorough understanding of you and your target audience’s needs.

  3. We’re efficient

    Low overheads and a focus on delivery means value for money.

  4. We’re passionate

    We genuinely care about delivering a top-notch product, regardless of the scale of the project, or however tight the timelines are.

  5. We can lead…

    ..or we can follow. Whatever your project needs, we can step up and help you to deliver it.